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The Truth About Canadians.

Years ago, my boyfriend and I were driving to Vancouver, Canada to stay in a hotel overnight. I had recently turned 19 and could finally legally drink there. We were on the freeway when suddenly a stop light appeared out of nowhere and, before we could even register it, we had crashed into another vehicle.

By the time we realized it was our fault, the Canadian guy was already walking towards us. We got out of the car, fully prepared to get chewed out, and the following conversation ensued:

“Hey there folks! Everything alright?” the Canadian man asked us.

Yes, we’re fine.” we responded, “Are you OK? How bad is your car? We’re so sorry, we didn’t expect a stoplight to be on a freeway.”

“No worries, I’m fine. Looks like you went and popped both my tires though! Ah, well. I’ll just call my buddy then.”

“We’re so, so sorry!! Here’s our info!”

After exchanging info with him, he continued the pleasantries.

“So you’re from the states then, eh? What brings you up north?” he asked, as though we had met him at a party and not just smashed his car.

Growing more confused by his relaxed and happy demeanor, we replied “Oh, well, she recently turned 19 so we’re staying at a hotel in Vancouver. Lower drinking age here and whatnot. But anyway, again, we are SO sorry about the car. We’ll wait here till your buddy comes, or we can call a cab for you.”

With a smile, he said to us “Oh don’t you worry, my buddy’s coming to get me and I don’t want to keep you from your night out on the town! What clubs are you going to?”

Before we could respond, he continued.

“Oh, you gotta go to Mitzy’s! My buddy Josh works there, tell him you’re out-of-towners and you know Jack Samuelson- he’ll get you hooked up!”

“Well… thank you?” we replied, still baffled at how cordial he was being.

“Yah” he said, “And hey: don’t you worry about the crash. I wouldn’t want it to ruin your stay in the great north, eh?”

That day we learned the truth about Canadians: they really are as insanely kind as everyone says.

Only in Canada can you hit someone with your car, and have them proceed to give you tourist tips and tell you to enjoy your stay.

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