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Using Creativity To Handle Unwarranted Advances

Years ago, I was at a nightclub in Vancouver, Canada with my boyfriend. We were getting close to calling it a night, when my boyfriend said he needed to use the restroom and left me standing by the bar.

While he was gone, a random drunk guy came up to me and would NOT leave me alone. He kept trying to grind on me and talk to me, despite me giving clear signals that I was uncomfortable. I asked him to leave me alone, but it was so loud in there that he either didn’t hear me telling him off, or he was ignoring what I was saying.
My uneasiness was obvious enough that other people were starting to look over at us, wondering if they should step in.

After what felt like an eternity, my boyfriend came out of the bathroom and took in the situation I was in. I could see anger starting to work it’s way up and then, suddenly, he smirked.

As I watched, my boyfriend calmly walked over, looked at the guy harassing me, and started grinding on him.

The drunk man was completely flustered and kept trying to back away but my boyfriend kept cornering him and talking to him and grinding up against him.

Finally he stopped the onslaught and said “Not so fun when someone doesn’t take a hint, huh?”

Sometimes it’s better to use your wits instead of your fists.

I'm the Kate Scott from Quora

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